Detailed Brussels’ petition text

Petition to the College of Brussels’ Burgomaster and Deputy Burgomasters

demanding the withdrawal of video screens in the public spaces of Brussels

(Partial translation from the full text available in FR and NL)

In the past couple of months, LED video screens have been installed in public spaces of the city of Brussels.

This is contradictory with the common sense and with the public authorities’ objectives:

– Those screens waste a lot of energy and contribute to climate change.

– Those screens are invasive and constitute a new agression that is very difficult to evade, that is harmful for living environnement, for the heritage and for the landscapes.

– Those screens are dangerous: they are design to attract the attention of car drivers and other public road users.

– Those screens are forbiden by existing laws (national traffic regulation, article 80.2 and Brussels’ regional city planning regulation, article 23).

We therefore demand the effective ban of the video screens in all public spaces and the immediate withdrawal of all existing screens.